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Few images from my portfolio...

1. Portrait, Fashion and Modelling


2. Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography by Jeremy Lavender

Professional Photography when selling your home is of a very hight importance. If your agent is taking photos using their smartphone or a small, hand-held digital camera, without the proper lighting then you’ve got a problem. I will guarantee your home will not look as good to that buyer than if you had it professionally done. Feel free to visit the Real Estate Photography section for more details.


3. Street Life

Humans Of Clacks

In addition to be a Street Life photographer since several years, I am actually also working on a long-term project called "Humans Of Clacks" which can be described as a social reportage/documentary related to the people living in the small County of Clackmannanshire in Central Scotland. Discover who are the "Humans Of Clacks" and what they have to tell you at HumansOfClacks.Com


4. Landscapes/Seascapes

Landscapes by Jeremy Lavender PhotographyFor a very long time, my main activity as a photographer was to capture the beautiful sceneries all around us and to share my personal vision of what our wonderful Mother Nature has to offer. Now, I'm luckily living in beautiful Scotland and because I still love to capture amazing landscapes, every time I can, I'm out for a trip with my camera. Feel free to discover my Landscape/Seascape photographic work in Scotland but also from other beautiful places where I've spent some time.


Contact Jeremy

Feel free to contact me about any request you may have.